Lavie –  a word that translates ‘Life’!
our philosophy

Life is beautiful, colorful, adventurous! This is our philosophy.

Who are we? We’re a young fashion brand from Germany, two people who enjoy life, who like to travel, to explore and to create. We like to live our life freely, spontaneously and happily – just like we want it to be for our customers, too.

Life is beautiful – and so are you! We create high-quality products that are affordable, yet simply elegant at the same time. Our shapewear is designed for women who love their bodies. We want to help you to enhance your beauty, to show off your gorgeous curves and to provide the support that lets you dance the night away with everything in the right place. We offer a choice of garments that will make you enjoy life all the more, looking sexy and elegant,

free to live and love your life in Lavie!